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Little Champ – A Program for children of Municipal Primary Schools in Ahmedabad to enhance their creative skills


The general objective of this project is to add in quality of education at “Municipal schools” where the indigenous students of grade 1 to 8th are the principal actors in the transformation of their education system.

“Little Champ” itself clears objective of program which target the hidden talent of a student. Our goal is to make every child a “Little champion” in his/her life.

Justification of our initiative

  • This project is considered best practice for both its innovative methodology and sustainability.
  • The methodology allowed students to be the primary actors in the transformation of their own education system, building ownership and commitment to the program on behalf of the communities they serve.
  • At the same time, articulating this state of art program with “Municipal Schools” our education training system ensured sustainability.
  • We have to work with students who are under poverty and not enjoying the essence of life which is lacking in current system.
  • Current system is not allowing students to make aware about “Out of world’ life which exist within the city.
  • We are here to boost student’s confidence and to realize them they are not different from other kids.


Elaborate a new teaching system for the Municipal schools that: 

  • language, art, culture, history, values and ways of thinking; 
  • develops curriculum content from the culture; 
  • guarantees indigenous students access to national and international current events; and 
  • promotes and strengthens the relationship between schools and the communities by focusing on relevant issues for the people.

Impact of our project

Past study has data regarding impact of creative learning in schools that will affect the following factors:

  • Communication in the mother tongue;
  • Communication in foreign languages;
  • Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology;
  • Digital competence;
  • Social and civic competences;
  • Sense of initiative and class participation;
  • Cultural awareness and expression;
  • Learning to learn responsibility.

Sample Activities

  • Magical Math tricks through Vedic Math and Math models.
  • Science Synergy through crazy practical.
  • Practical exposure of recycling wastes and water with environmental education.
  • Utilizing of pool of Doctors for routine health checkup of students.
  • Dance Activity – Classical, Folk (Bharatnatyam, Kathak).
  • Make availability of students to participate in all Government of Gujarat’s awareness program.
  • Find sponsor locally to arrange a small get together party with food and fun.
  • Free movie/stage show in theatre and picnic outgoing.
  • Motivational and historical speeches and videos in Audio Video sessions.
  • Sports competitions.
  • Visit to private school to get familiar with infrastructure like library, open theatre, science lab, class rooms etc.
  • Parent’s counseling specially on kid’s education and health.
  • Community science center /Science city/Heritage old city tour.
  • Workshop arrangement with reputed educational institutes and NGOs like CEPT, NID, AMA, IIM-A, CEE etc.
  • Visit to Sunderban Snake Park, Vintage Car Museum, Kankariya Lake and zoo.

An Appeal to Volunteers

Need Volunteers for a series of Creative teaching programs with children who are unaware of outside the world at nearby Municipal Corporation School.

You are qualified if

1)   Have passion to change the system by contributing your bit.

2)   Ready to fetch up 2 hours in evening time to interact with children during Monday to Friday.

3) Have an idea to execute creative and fun based learning activities.

This is a kind appeal from under poverty children to give your valuable time to enrich them. It will be value based activities apart from their class room teachings.

Corporate and Individual Donors Participation - Journey to Himalaya Program for Underprivileged Students

Your passion counts here!!! 

End Note – “Ham chalenge, toh Hindustan Chalega…”

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