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Human Interact Services - Vishvet Volunteer Guide

India is the land of full of festivals celebrated throughout the year. We are representing the Gujarat state of India where we celebrate Uttarayan (Kite flying), Holi (Play with colors), Krishna Janmashtami (Birthday celebration of lord Krishna), Id-Ul-Fitr, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (Birthday Celebration of M.K. Gandhi), Navratri (Night Dance Carnival), Diwali (Celebration with light and crackers), Muharram, Christmas (Celebration of Birth of Jesus Christ) and many small festivals too.

In such diversity of culture foreign guests always get fresh impression of India at large. To overcome their doubts and allowed themselves to participate with Indian community, Vishvet Foundation is providing Volunteer Guide Services.

Who may take these services and why?

Vishvet Foundation inviting foreign students, teachers, business investors, social worker and Govt. officials to take our Human Interact Services to have safe stay & culturally stay in our state of Gujarat. It is our way of thanking all foreigners who are helping India specially Gujarat to grow by giving their inputs and services.

Vishvet Foundation is participating with

* Foreign delegations who came here to participate in Business meet (e.g. Vibrant Gujarat)

* Foreign group of students who came here to understand culture & art

* Business and Educational institutions who require translators with foreign delegation

* Navratri Festival (Garba) celebration for all nine nights

* Historical monuments visit, participation in local community for festival celebration, visiting educational & government institutions, shopping of traditional items, city tour etc.

Vishvet Volunteers

You should take our volunteer guides with you because 

* Vishvet Volunteer will become your local guide 

* Volunteer will be well groomed student of a reputed institute, professional, students of foreign language or social worker

* Vishvet give proper orientation and make them bound to follow rules & regulations

* All volunteers has to submit documents to check background & photo ID proof

* Vishvet Volunteers are self motivated who work with dedication & energy

* We have proper document of understanding for both volunteer as well as foreign guests so there will not be any confusion during the services

Vishvet Foundation will not pay for any service or make any expenses during this exchange service

* It is our volunteer service where our motto is to give a platform for local volunteers and foreign guests to interact with respect and make friendship between them.

We are appealing everyone to create harmony in the world by encouraging volunteers and foreign guests to participate in Indian festivals in bigger number. 

Vibrant Gujarat - Become Volunteer Guide Application
Photographs of celebration click here: Photostream

Vishvet in News_ TOI 7th Oct. 2013

Become a Vishvet Volunteer Guide - Guidelines

For Foreign Guests - Guidelines

Vishvet Volunteer Guide Application Form

Foreign Guest Application Form

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