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Vishvet knows the need of today is to upliftment of society where we grew up. There are some disadvantage groups who need extra care and love from the people live with them in same society. We understood the ground situation where they want our help and how to make them feel happy by act of giving back to society. 

Vishvet Foundation is working with different objectives in all different areas like education, environment, health, rural employment, women empowerment, hospitality services to our guests in Ahmedabad etc. But common in all is it has to be done by volunteers on their interest. 

We create programs, we take permission to all government & private agencies, generate funds for all activities, approach to people in need and compel them to join our program. We only seek volunteers to provide their valuable time to those activities which makes you proud. It is a noble cause and you connect with people who always awaits our love and time.

It is a kind appeal to all to help us to reach people every corner of the city and uplift their livelihood by your kind support in terms of donation, articles, time etc.

"We create a world where no discrimination to be seen".

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