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Vishvet Foundation is working with a country where you can explore the world at your destination at United Kingdom. This is the place where you will enjoy Mediterranean beaches, ancient ruins, and centers of modern art abound in this cultural melting pot. Festivals, clubs and exclusive nightspots spill music of all kinds onto streets filled with bohemian citizens. Experience the romance of the UK & Europe with us.


Programs at UK:

School Programs for High School Students

Community Service Programs for Young Adults over 18

Programs for teachers and other professionals

Internship programs in various industries

Work and Travel UK


Visa Types – Various

Duration – Varies from 1 month to years.

Scope of this program:

Vishvet foundation is committed to placing young students from all over the world in suitable host families and schools during an academic year in the UK.


Work and Travel UK means:

·         International work experience and environment;

·         Opportunity to earn money;

·         The chance to learn about a new country and culture;

·         Opportunity to enhance your English language skills;

The possibility of making new friends.

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