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Vishvet foundation is providing a possibilities to visit SPAIN on different programs which will make you amaze to have such enriched experience of different areas. You will find green natural environment, Bay of Biscay,  "running of the bulls” adventurous experience,  aquatic sports etc.  Spain is a treasure for discover.  Spain is the 3 most visit country of the world and for the side of the country this means that it is an exceptional place to study and enjoy a program abroad.

Benefits of Spain Programs

- Wide variety of both Spanish and private international schools

- Better way to learn about customs and way of life, than by experiencing it firsthand.

- Learn a bit of Español.

- Best region will be provided to get worth of experience on your cost.

Most considerable experience at Spain combines with Art, History, Debate, Street talk, folklore with fun and exciting activities such as Latin dance classes, bullfighting and boat excursions.

Available program at Spain:

-         Academic Year Program

-         Summer Individual and Group Programs

-         Industrial work and visit

-         Work and Travel program

-         Foreign Language Program

-         Internship in Hospitality Area

-         Volunteer Social work Program

Other Programs – Customized according to your convenience

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