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 "Feel America" (Short term  Group Homestay High School Program)

"Feel America" is the Group Homestay Program in USA where a group of 10-15 students will enhance their knowledge of English language and to discover American culture through numerous educational workshops, excursions and group activities. It is a wonderful program for school students who want to groom their personality while living alone far from home in American Family house. Live the culture of America and become independent. Family members and friends will always respect your decision of choosing this program.

Activities at USA

  • Student’s Placement with a volunteer host family.
  • Host Family and Student orientation Meetings.
  • Two middle school shadowing visits.
  • Two high school shadowing visits
  • Three Full Day Excursions including: Historic places, museums and a city tour.
  • Two Half-Day activities per week of cultural or a sporting nature.
  • One meeting arranged for Indian participants to educate Americans about India on topics such as the culture of India, temples, religion, Indian history, Bollywood, politics, costumes,food habits Languages, festivals, peace, education system, marriage system, joint family,peace and terrorism, etc., and for American participants to educate Indian Students about the U.S..
  • One meeting with the local Mayor or other local government official.
  • One Greenheart environmental project.
  • A welcome and a farewell party.
  • Airport transfers to/from local Airport.
  • As a safety feature One Local Coordinator and one Escort from Vishvet Foundation would be there with the group 24*7.
  • Day wise activities is available in below link 'Program Schedule'.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: Strictly for 12 to 18 years old students. They should be studying in a recognized school.
  • Duration: Up to three weeks.
  • You and your parents should be willing to sign and abide by program’s code of conduct.
  • Mature enough to travel and live alone.
  • You should be able to communicate in English.
  • You have to produce your body check up medical report.
  • Permission granted letter from your school authorities.               
  • Police clearance certificate from your local Police department.
  • Genuine interest in discovering the culture of America and ready to promote our culture.

 All rights are reserved with Vishvet foundation and programs are subjected to be changed.

2012-13 "Feel America" Program Presentation

2012-13 "Feel America" Program Brochure

2012-13 "Feel America" Program Schedule May 2013

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