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Work & Travel (W & T)  

Work & Travel Program is for those individuals who wants thrill in life with full of challenges. This program is suitable for them who wish to experience a new culture and work with US locals there. We provide you a unique opportunity of spending 10 weeks working and traveling in U.S. around the year. This program will definitely lead your CV to get some serious attention. Apart from that you can boast of international exposure. We guarantee you a chance to have an international career.


  • 18-28 years old
  • Must be enrolled in a full time degree program
  • Must possess intermediate level English skills
  • Students may submit scores from an accredited English test like TOEFL = 450 SLEP = 45.
  • Interested in working in the US
  • Must follow the Indian values and ethics at their place
  • Ability to handle international exposure
  • Able to adapt to a new place and a different culture

We offers

  • Complete support in attaining J1 Work & Travel Visa
  • DS2019 Form
  • Employment for up to 4 months
  • Help in locating a house, suitable to your requirements
  • Accident and Medical Insurance, if specified in the application form
  • Support from Local Coordinator and from Vishvet Foundation
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Orientation upon arrival


We don’t offer

  • Lodging expenses
  • Meals
  • International Airfare Expenditure
  • Conveyance within US
  • Personal Expenses



Participants will be assigned to a simple occupation like:

  • Amusement park / Theme park
  • Camp out door work
  • Hotel/ Motel /hostel
  • Resort/country club /casino
  • Restaurant / Café
  • Supermarket / convenience 
  • Landscaping / Agricultural
  • Seafood processing / Alaska
  • Life guard
  • Moving company/ physical
  • Retail / Sales
  • Maintenances
  • Factory

Vishvet Foundation offers you the Easy Program (EZ) Option where, according to your eligibility and personality you will be provided an employment opportunity.

We believe every Indian must represent the Indian values and show respect while working in other country.


  • Applications are due to Vishvet 8 weeks prior to requested arrival in any time a year.

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