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Chinese culture is one of the world's oldest cultures. The area in which the culture is dominant covers a large geographical region in eastern Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly between provinces, cities, and even towns. Important components of Chinese culture include literature, musicvisual artsmartial artscuisine, religion etc.

The teachings of Confucius — which stress obedience and deference to elders and responsibility to community — are a dominant part of the Chinese culture. The country is extremely large, so customs and traditions vary by geography and the more than 50 ethnic groups that reside in this country of 1.34 billion people. Here is a brief overview of Chinese culture.

Why China?

·         China Cultural Exchange visit makes you feel one step further to explore real character and diverse continent over other normal visitors.

·         China is growing roughly double that of India in all three sectors namely Agriculture, Industry and Services.

·         This is the hot destination for ambitious people who are seeking for experiencing benchmark technology, education system, cultural diversified, sports, discipline etc.

·         To experience a journey of development of China you have to come with us.

The advantages in doing business in China:

·         Major emerging market;

·         Large trained labor pool;

·         Favorable business atmosphere;

·         Dynamic fast-growing economy;

·         Rapidly increasing consumer wealth;

·         Very low employment costs; 

We are offering following programs:

·         Internship program for students

·         Learn Local Language (Mandarin Chinese) Program

·         Industrial Tour to industries & university at major cities

China Connects – An International Exchange Program at China

It is a program designed for school & college students, faculties and business professionals who want to have first look about Chinese culture, education and industrial environment.

Benefits of Program:

·         Participants will come to know about culture, education and business environment there at China.

·         Participants will take direct part in interaction with local Chinese people.

·         University and Industrial visits to major city of China will give overall status of development there at China.

·         Participants will visit all major historical and sightseeing places.

·         It will be a fun with learning visit to China.

·         Participants will get first hand orientation about their future plan to study or doing business in China.

Age Criteria: 12 years and above

Places to visit: Shanghai and Beijing

Dates of visits: Round the year (Special group in May and June every year)


Program Brochure: China Connects 2014 - An International Exchange Program

Program Poster: China Connects 2014

For VISA requirement and Program fee contact us.


Come to China with us to impact lives of people there with full of self satisfaction. We always believe in “One World” by reaching to human being at every corner of the world.


A Chinese Proverb says “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still”. 

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