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Programs at Netherland (Holland)

Vishvet is inviting you to attend programs at country which is the land of Philosophers, Scientist who discovered Saturn’s moon Titan and Pendulam clock, first Physicist to use mathematical formulae, moderate maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters.

Benefits of Netherland/Holland Programs

Be a pioneer - Dutch people are entrepreneurs and discoverers. The nation has brought forth Nobel Laureates and daring philosophers, artists and scientists.

Be creative - Holland is a creative nation. Dutch people enjoy innovating and constantly ask themselves and others questions to come up with new ideas.

Get connected - Dutch people really want to be connected to other cultures, the world and the business community.

Enjoy high quality education - The Dutch higher education system enjoys a worldwide reputation for high quality.

Get value for money - Life in Holland is not expensive compared with English-speaking countries and tuition fees are relatively low.


Above all facts are enough to visit Netherland and Vishvet’s support will make your journey smooth.

Available program at Netherland:

-         Academic Year Program

-         Group Programs

-         Industrial work and visit

-         Work and Travel program

-         Internship in Hospitality Area

-         Volunteer Social work Program

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