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Programs at Brazil

Why Brazil?

Brazil country can be defined by following features:

Ø  Largest country in South America

Ø  5th Largest country in the world

Ø  Have an experience of unexplored natural reserves in the world

Ø  Brazil and its people are diverse, magical and fascinating incredible culture, beaches.

Ø  Hospitality of its people will make you happy and teach you how to dance on their music.

Ø  Ocean, Sun and Music attracts you to spend more time on this land.


A special adventurous exchange program in BRAZIL

Perfect for those who are looking to have a great home stay exchange program in a big city, full of culture, impressive architecture and very pretty people.

·        High School Programs

·        Language courses for adults and young people

·        Summer Programs (Short Homestay)

·        Study Portuguese in brazil

·        Travel to Brazil

We provide the magical feeling of a really special lifetime memory!

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