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"Journey to Himalaya at Leh & Ladakh" - A cultural exchange program

This program is made for the people who want to look places with soul peace. Our program at Leh will give tremendous experience of adventure, education and cultural exchange. Participants will get involved in searching themselves in nature’s shelter. It is our humble effort to give an experience of another culture and to introduce the activities which are essential for self development. Vishvet foundation dedicated towards cultural exchange programs which helps our participants to know other state of India.



This program gives participants (15yrs above) experience of adventurous drive through highest motorable road of India, best places which you would not like to miss in life, culture of Leh gives sensations of meditation. We urge everyone to promote cultural exchanges by participating in more numbers which will encourage us to prepare best programs in low cost for our participants every time.


Why Leh & Ladakh?


  1.           Ladakh, one of the most remote regions in India, the un-spoilt Buddhist Culture, ancient Buddhist monasteries and the best that adventure and cultural trip in the North part of Indian-Himalaya can offer.
  2.          To meet warm-hearted people and curious monks and admire the perfect harmony in which they have learnt to live with their harsh yet stunning environment.
  3.          Ladakh offers some of the most fascinating experiences to all those who make the effort to visit it. These experiences could be due to the landscape, the people, the animals, the culture or even its strategic location along the border of India and Pakistan. Ladakh is sometime called 'Little Tibet'.
  4.          Leh with an area of 45110 Sq. Km; which probably makes it largest district in the country in terms of area is one of the coldest and most elevated inhabited region of the world having 112 inhabited and 1 uninhabited villages.
  5.          Himalayas Mountain the district combines the condition of both arctic and desert climate. Therefore Ladakh is often called “COLD DESERT”.
  6.          The District is famous for its rich cultural heritage and Honesty.It is popularly known as land of monks and monasteries. People of all the communities live here with complete harmony, free from any prejudice.


Benefits to Participants:

  •    Participants will get an insight of rich culture, geographical conditions and educational environment of Leh.

·         Have an experience of real cultural exchange.

·         Interaction with local people, understand language, festivals, do social work with local people and many more activities will be a part of this program.

·         Trekking, live in tents, camp fire, entertainment activities, dance and games which will make you all close with each other and develop a leader within yourself.

·         The flora and fauna of Ladakh is incredible. You will experience it.

·         Participants will get an appreciation certification of participation on completions of program successfully.

Download the program Brochure here - Program detail

Participate in your own group and have memory for life time...

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