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“Vanaprastha" - A Global program of Spirituality in India.


A Vanaprastha (Sanskrit: वनप्रस्थ) is a person who is living in the forest as a hermit after partially giving up material desires. Vishvet Foundation is made this program for people who crossed their desire and enjoyed all need of life. But now they want to explore the real meaning of life in spiritual way of living life. India is the destination where your search can end as this is the place of pilgrims, ashramas, forests and difficult to reach places of peace, temples etc. Spirituality will allow you to gain cosmic energy in your body which connects you to God. Come to this program live in such environment and discover your purpose of life.”


Destination and Duration:  

Primary place of program execution is Gujarat state of India but on special request we can find out places other part of India as well.

This program will be held from one week to one month.


Eligibility Criteria


  • Age: Strictly for 45 years and above students, school teacher, university student, university professor, staff members, artist, business personnel, social worker, retired person from job and some other special category will be allowed by Vishvet foundation
  • You can come alone or small group of 2 – 5 members
  • Your profile and field of interest should be matched with our criteria
  • You have to be ready to live in difficult conditions where no infrastructure, power and other facilities are not present
  • You should be willing to sign and abide by program’s code of conduct
  • Mature enough to travel and live alone
  • You should be able to communicate in English
  • Hold your travel cum medical insurance
  • No objection certificate of participation from parents, university, school or organization where you are working
  • Police clearance certificate from your local Police department
  • Genuine interest in the culture and education of India


Steps to Enroll


  • Register to our program by filling first inquiry form
  • Send us your filled application at least 10 weeks prior to participation date
  • All rights are reserved for final selection with Vishvet Foundation
  • Sign the mutual participation agreement between both parties
  • Payment of administration fee of US $ 100 (non refundable) per participant to Vishvet Foundation
  • We will start matching your requirement with all official work and will inform you time to time
  • Optional: Live with Indian host family, residential worship place and  have guide services
  • Payment of program fee and sign on the agreement
  • Program fee including lodging and boarding, transport etc will be depend on location and number of days of participation
  • We will have a pre arrival orientation via video conferencing if required
  • In between we will be here to solve your all queries
  • Support letter for tourist/student VISA if required


Program Description


  • Accommodation – You have to live in Ashramas, guest house or temple premises where you will have food and other facilities available, daily food cost have to borne by yourself or will sponsored by placed organization. We can find out the Indian host family and guide on your request.
  • Transport - Airport transport to/from nearest Airport and all internal transportation will be arranged by Vishvet Foundation
  • Support from Local coordinator - Orientation provided by Vishvet local coordinator, Support and supervision by Vishvet local coordinator, handling local query and city information as a guide
  • Volunteer work - Placement with an organization in the field of: Art/Culture, Animal welfare, Education, Health awareness etc on request during your stay

(Art/music/dance Festival celebration place might be having entry fee to the venue so it will be borne by participant)


Benefits of program:


  • India is the place where every 100 meters distance is filled with a worship place. It connects the people.
  • Indian spiritual gurus are genius and having knowledge of all Vedas. They will solve all doubts of your mind.
  • Gujarat state is having well developed pilgrims in each city where all basic amenities are available.
  • Gujarat is the place where round the year different spiritual festivals are held.
  • City tour including historical monuments, heritage walk, science city and museums etc. will give you the insights of Indian rich culture.
  • Living with Indian host family will give you real experience which you will enjoy and never forget for life time.



Note: All rights are reserved with Vishvet foundation and will make customization in program according to your requirements. 


For program cost and schedule contact us.



God is great only will known by you when you experience it... Welcome!

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