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Become a Vishvet Host Family (VHF)

India is famous for the tradition "Atithi Devo Bhavah" which means "Guests are like a God" for us in India. In this respected and live environment, Vishvet is inviting applications for Volunteer Host Families who can accommodate Vishvet program participants.

It is a life time experience of hosting students from around the world where thoughts will exchange, u both will know the culture of each other, food habits and daily Indian family's schedule will came to know by participants. 

I appeal you to become a host family and participate in Human unity cause which leads to world peace.

Benefits of becoming Host Family

1) There are plenty of intangible benefits by becoming the host family

2) You will become a Vishvet's volunteer and known by foreign organizations as well.

3) You will become a face of brand India by showing India to foreign guests.

4) Officially you will become a part of an event where only Vishvet and their participants can participate.

5) You will get to know the culture of another country and become friend.



Who can become a Vishvet host family?

Vishvet Foundation allows families to reward an experience of hosting a student, children, youth, professionals, old aged people, and whole family from the world, yet it is a role that requires a lot of responsibility.

How long will be the candidate live with my family?

Most long-term candidates live between three and six months. And for short term minimum 1 week to 3 weeks stay will be there. As per your request we are flexible to make duration.


Are host families paid?



Be sure you are comfortable with the idea before committing to serve as a host family. If you have serious reservations, feel that you cannot meet your obligations, or do not have adequate answers to your questions, please contact a local Vishvet Coordinator.

How can I best prepare to host a candidate?

Before the candidate arrival, learn as much as you can about the candidate’s culture, which may help prevent misunderstandings. Also, think about which aspects of your culture you would like to share with the candidate, such as types of food, entertainment, and local places of interest.

What safety precautions are taken?

Both the host and sending organization must be certified by Vishvet Foundation to participate in any of our program. The certification program supports candidate safety by establishing requirements for people protection and best practices in exchange program operations. All concern organizations adopt the following Statement of Conduct for Working with our people in addition to developing an extensive abuse and harassment prevention or people protection policy.

Statement of Conduct for Working with Vishvet Foundation strives to create and maintain a safe environment for all people who participate in Vishvet activities. To the best of their ability partners and other volunteers must safeguard the children and young people they come into contact with and protect them from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

How to apply to be a host family?

Generally, host parents must complete a written application, which includes program rules and requirements, a signed compliance statement, and authorization for reference checks. Because the program is decentralized, however, the application process varies from place to place. Contact Vishvet Foundation for details.

Download Volunteer Host Family Application Form

Guidelines for Indian volunteer host family


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