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Spirit of India – “Know yourself” a spiritual program


Introduction  India is a beautiful, spiritual, exotic and wondrous country depends on how you see it.

There are many places to find spiritual interaction like Vrindavan, Mathura, Mayapur, Dwarka, Varanasi, Puri, and others, as well as rivers like the Ganges or Yamuna and mountains like Himalaya, which exist and can be experienced in the exceptional way. Simply we can say where the material and spiritual energies overlap. Spiritual energy always saturate the universe and you will find such experience by visiting at such holy places or tirthas. These places having special meaning and depends on individual how friendly and prominent in spiritual knowledge and awareness.

Indian people more believe in vedic texts which say that people with such a vision have a broad mentality. They are forced by their own limitations of consciousness to experience about their existence which is full of mysteries than they can imagine.

We are inviting you at the land where commercial and spiritual environment exist together that is Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We believe that you look beyond the poverty, the dirt, dust, smells, and overcrowded living conditions in the cities if you expect to enter into the mysteries of India's spiritual culture.

“The best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of others.”



  • Awareness of self and the understanding of your real identity.
  • Adopt an Indian rich spiritual culture.
  • Create an identity within yourself and serve to society with kindness.
  • Learn Bhagvad Gita Philosophy in scientific way.
  • Fulfill a great vision by creating “World Brotherhood Colonies”.


  • You will interact with an ideology of Hinduism which is oldest in the world.
  • You will inspire by the old Indian philosophy “Plain Living and High Thinking”.
  • You will able to relate yourself with humility and harmony in society.
  • Self-enhancement will boost your confidence level.


Schedule/It Includes

  • Arrival Orientation
  • Destination – Ahmedabad City,Gujarat, India.
  • Visit of your selected organization and place.
  • Interaction with team members and task plan briefing session.
  • Guest lectures on Spiritual Ecology in India.
  • Stay and learn at Ashram, attend faith based cruising and become a part of religious retreat in predefined place.


  • Tapasya – Awareness of self by practicing Yoga, Pranayam and other meditation techniques.
  • Aastha  Learning Spiritual Ecology in India by Monastery visits and Guest Stays. (By learning supreme scripture of the world “Bhagwad Gita” with practical and scientific knowledge)
  • Ananda – Religious tourism by visiting pilgrimage, faith based camps and retreats in India.
  • Kundali – Learn Astrology, Astronomy, Hand reading and face reading by following Indian Vedic texts.

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