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Green Vishva – Social event for the environment protection

Introduction – Vishvet Foundation is dedicated to make a place in the world to live with all peace and happiness without any environmental issues.

India is a rapidly developing country where a billion plus people live, but paradoxically many of them with huge gap in living standards.

Environment is a major concern for the Government, UN and other many development organizations. Low literacy rate, poverty, changing lifestyle and rapid industrialization are reasons, among many others, to climate change, pollution and other impact of global warming.

It is our sincere efforts to make some differences by giving our hands towards greener world. We would like to invite you to join hands in this noble cause.

“I'm not an environmentalist.  I'm an Earth warrior.  ~Darryl Cherney, quoted in Smithsonian, April 1990”.


An Initiative

Vishvet Foundation is always standing in front whenever there is need to save environment. We have initiated an event with motto is to protect environment by tree plantation activities. It is a different and sustainable concept because of single person will guard tree of their own name.

You can also join us by giving a call to our office and become environment savior of your society.



  • Establish a Green Team or Eco-Committee in schools.
  • Adopt an Environmental Vision Statement for each school.
  • Create A Green School Action Plan
  • Monitor and Evaluate Progress.
  • Integrate Greening into the Curriculum.
  • Main idea - Inform, Involve, and Celebrate!



  • Connecting people by engaging them for global issue of environment.
  • Explore the knowledge of renewable energy by teaching and field experience.
  • Know about new inventions in the field of green energy.
  • Wild life interaction will connect you with nature.
  • Self-enhancement will boost your confidence level.


Schedule/It Includes 

  • Arrival Orientation
  • Destination – Ahmedabad City,Gujarat, India.
  • Visit of your selected organization and place.
  • Interaction with team members and task plan briefing session.
  • Guest lecture on green initiative in India.
  • An outing experience with full of fun, adventure and excitement.
  • Community services by doing plantation, street play, rally and cultural program.



  • Hariyali –School and community based program for Green Revolution. (Age 12- 30 Years)
  • Vriksharopan - Environment awareness and plantation program. (No Age bar)

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