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Connecting India – Education & Cultural  Program


This program is specifically designed to understand India in better way by living with Indian family. Program is talking about the possibilities in India for the people who want to enjoy by experiencing grass root of issues in India. All below programs are unique in nature and will give a distinctive experience. I hope you will enjoy staying with us.


Vishvet foundation is dedicated to promote Indian culture and quality education to the world. Our philosophy is to share and enhance the intellectual intelligence of individual. World is consisting with different culture, human behavior, languages, education etc. but common in all is humanity. So become a part of this program and enrich your personality in all positive dimensions.

“An international platform for people to explore and develop their leadership potential in India.”


·        Organized Study.

·        Time Management.

·        Learning educational environment of different culture.

·         Adoption of alternative approaches of teaching.

·        Develop analytical and multitasking ability.

·        Enhance interest in global issues and general knowledge.


·        Self-development and learning will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

·        Develop relationship with another family and build a long term friendships.

·        Always get ready to face challenges with independent opinions.

·        Long term excellence will be benefitted into your career by involving

a)     Personal flexibility

b)    Ability to reach compromise

c)     Focus and succeed through challenging times

d)    Overseas living and experience of culture

“God has no religion” – Mahatma Gandhi

A)   Anuj – A short term  program (Age 12-17 Year for 3 week)
B)    Acharya – A teacher  program (3 - 12 months)
C)    Gurukul – Academic year  program (Age 14-18 Year for 1 semester/1 academic year)
D)   Vedanta – Science and Mathematics classroom learning program (Age 13-28 up to 2 months)
E)     Umang – Celebration of Indian Festival  program
F)     Rangoli – Art and cultural  program
VaanPrasth – Travel and learn about India  program (Age 18 and above)

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