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Vishvet Inspiration

"Vishvet Foundation" is inspired with our mission statement "Promoting Cultural Exchange" by promoting human interaction in all forms globally. Since 2007 "Vishvet Foundation" is involved in making this world a "Global Village" through culture and art understanding, education development, environmental awareness and world peace as a nonprofit organization.  


Come together, join our hands, and share your thoughts with us … Who we are


Media Center

Vishvet foundation is running different national and international programs throughout the year. Find out here…

Connecting India

This program is specifically designed to understand India in better way by living with Indian family.

Volunteer program

Vishvet Foundation is dedicating to make changes in the society by doing education, consultation and environmental activities through volunteers.

Become a local coordinator

VF Local Coordinators are responsible for finding host families, making placement arrangements with the local high school and supervising the national / International exchange students throughout the year.

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