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Inter State Exchange Program

India itself is a small world with second largest population country in the world of 1.2 billion, having 28 states and 7 union territory regions, 30 official languages and hundreds of regional languages spoken in India. India is having region specific own food habits, festivals, traditions, culture etc.

“Interstate Exchange” program provides Indian nationals to visit the Gujarat state of India with deep eyes. You can come in group of school friends, university friends or family to know the culture of Gujarat and we are situated in Ahmedabad city of state.

Vishvet Foundation appeals to make schools, university, clubs and community group as partner and make exchange programs between Gujarat and your state. We are offering the different one to one exchange programs where you will share your home with a person of different state.
Benefits of this program:
  • This exchange program will make you aware about family values of Gujarat.
  • It will not be a tour with a travel company which only shows rosy picture of state.
  • You have to live in local person’s house to know about ground root culture of state.
  • You will come to know language, food habits, entertainment, festival, social get together, marriage functions, daily life routine, education, behavior etc.
  • You will enrich with state’s culture in true sense.

Duration of Program
  • It will be up to one week program with scheduled activities.
  • We can customize your program according to your requirement.
Procedure to apply 

  • Send filled application with your photograph and house pictures with inside and from outside views of house.
  • Living condition should fulfill our specification mentioned in agreement.
  • Vishvet Foundation has all rights reserved for selection on this exchange program.
  • This program is sponsored by Vishvet therefore some limitations will be there to agree upon.
  • Activities during the stay with host family will be designed as per your interest.
  • You have to accept your host family by signing on conditions of living agreement.
  • Travel and local expenses participants have to bear.

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