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International one to one exchange program

Vishvet Foundation is offering one to one exchange or reciprocal exchange program. Participants will be twinned with same-age groups from another country coming to India. Both host and guest participant will be eligible for staying in each other's communities for same period of time.

The time period of  all exchanges at Vishvet usually lasts for 10 days to 3 months. Participants need to apply prior of 10 weeks from the date of departure.


To participate in the program, you must:

  • Be the age 13 years and above. Activities will differ according to age group.
  • You can come with a group of 10 to 15 participants of similar age group. You can belong to a school, university or local community.
  • Be matured enough to live away from home for at least ten days with host family.
  • Able to communicate in English at basic conversational level.
  • Genuinely interested to know about different cultures of the world.
  • Agree to pay an administration fee of $100 (USD).
  • Carry the travel insurance that includes medical, accident, and illness coverage and meets the requirements of the host and sponsor clubs and districts 
  • Willing to sign and abide by the Vishvet Foundation Code of Conduct.

Programs Categories:

  • Home stay
  • Cultural or Education based
  • Community or Volunteer based
  • Travel or Fun tour

Program Cost:

  • Administration fee USD $100 per person to Vishvet Foundation.

Costs vary depending on the city and country where the exchange occurs. It includes:
  • Pocket money, ancillary travel, and tours
  • Round-trip airfare and VISA fee
  • Medical/travel insurance


Vishvet Sponsoring for:        

  • Room and Board with Volunteer host family
  • Nearest Airport transfer to and from
  • Assistance to find best one to one exchange availability
  • Find out the best exchange school or university exchange students in India
  • Pre departure orientation
  • All assistance regarding VISA documentation
  • Support and Supervision from Vishvet Local Coordinator (VLC)
  • Placement assistance as per Contract

Benefits for you:

  • Orientation about culture of host country
  • Education and Life style of host family
  • Make new friends and travel at different places
  • Create global awareness and promote world peace

Programs Available

Enfance (Bachpan) – One to one global exchange program "Enfance" (Childhood in French) for children of the age group 13 to 18 years old

Amigo (Yuva) – One to one global exchange program "Amigo" (Close friend in Spanish) with youth of 19 to 30 years old

Eclair (Ullas)  – One to one global exchange program "Eclair" (Flash of lightning in French) with professionals and volunteers of age 31 to 50 years

Saiwa (Chintan) – One to one global exchange program "Saiwa" (Good fortune in Japanese) with senior citizen people of age 51 years and above


La Famila (Kutumb) – One to one global exchange program "La Famila" (The family in Spanish) with family and children

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