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Global Exchange

“Global Exchange” program is considered as One-to-one exchange program. It is designed to share the culture, customs, and heritage of various countries across the world. We always welcome national and foreign people to come to Indian cities with highly homely treatment. It is a program which includes lowest cost and highest learning with fun.

"International Exchange" program is highly recognized by different embassies of the world in India for their country people. People from different nationality can come to India and live with Indian family with all accommodation in traditional way and offer same comfort at home in their country.

"Interstate Exchange" program gives a lifelong opportunity for all Indians to come to Gujarat from any state of the India and live with a Gujarati family and enjoy the Gujarati culture. In same manner your host family person will come to your home to live your culture.

This program is an opportunity for the professionals who can become one-to-one instructors work closely with students as mentors. The cultural differences between the student and foreign one-to-one instructors present a new frontier to the child, which in turn facilitates increased focus and a proven increase in commitment to learning from the child.

Need of the Program

  • First of all humanity will be benefited when two cultures meet at one place. 
  • Global exposure and practical reality is only possible when you work on root level.
  • No extra cost included. It is an opportunity to live with challenges.
  • Program certificate will help you in your academic and professional career. 

Exchange culture in true meaning…

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